Monday, 17 May 2010

Bolton Abbey

We decided to head up to Bolton Abbey for the day last Sunday and took a very scenic route (a little bit unintentionally!). It did give us great views of this Curlew though so worth the detour!

After parking at the Strid car park we walked down to the river and started the little one on the Strid Wood bingo from their website - Bolton Abbey. She was very exited by this and found some starry moss in minutes! I spotted a bird flying down the river - a Dipper the first of 4 we saw throughout the day. This is a new bird for me and the one I'd hoped to see today.

We walked up to Barden Bridge and across to the other side before walking back down to the woods and the Cavendish Pavillion. There were plenty of Sand Martins about and we could see them flying in and out of the banks.

There were Grey and Pied Wagtails by the water, a Kingfisher flew past but didn't stop near by. Plus an Oystercatcher stood by itself in a field.

Through the woods we saw plenty of flowers.

Ground Ivy - I loved how this was just sat on top of the tree trunk.

Bluebells (with a Small White Butterfly)

There were quite a few Nuthatch about today too, I just caught this one as it stopped moving about briefly.

When we stopped to eat we were mobbed by Mallards and a Black Headed Gull hung about nearby.
We also saw Chaffinch, Wrens, Robins, Blackbirds, Pheasants, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Squirrels. Not huge on the bird front - no Redstarts but at that time of day and being busy I wasn't disappointed.
As we were about to leave the car park I spotted two deer just at the other side of the fence watching us! Quite surprised to see them but they must be used to people I suppose, great sight to end the day on!


  1. Hello Pam, we saw very similar birds on our visit to Bolton Abbey, its lovely to watch the Dippers isn't it. I especially like your pic of the young Blackbird, it looks like its sat waiting for mama or papa blackbird to bring home some scraps. Hope the little one enjoyed her Strid Wood bingo.

  2. Thanks Linda, she did love the bingo, kept her occupied! The Blackbird was sat just by the car park and we got quite close before it flew off.