Thursday, 13 May 2010

Back at the Park

Seen as the weather seemed to be staying fine I headed to the park again this afternoon. It was definitely worth the visit after I spent a good ten minutes or so watching this young Mistle Thrush along with a parent right alongside the path. They didn't seem bothered in the slightest that I was there and got quite close.

There were Blue Tits hanging upside down in quite a few trees, very nice to see amongst the blossom.
This Dunnock barely stood still long enough for me to get a photo without it appearing as a blur!

Of course the Blackbirds were everywhere.

A Small White Butterfly.

This was the only Bee on several bushes, it was making the most of all the pollen!


  1. Lovely close up shots of the Thrush Pam, and the Blue Tits amongst the blossom are super, Linda

  2. Thanks Linda, the Blue were great to watch and seeing the juvenile Thrush was fantastic, they both let me get quite close.