Thursday, 13 May 2010

Garden Birds

Thought i'd add a post about some of the birds we get in the garden, the ones i've managed to get a decent photo of anyway. We had our first juveniles of the year a couple of weeks ago when 3 young Blackbirds spent a few days in the garden. One of them is still around. We have Starlings nesting in the gutter and they have been hatched a while and are making a lot of noise, i'm looking forward to seeing those.

So here are a few pics, some are taken through windows so look a little off! (One thing I have realised - I really need to clean the shed!!)

The usual Starling pose - upside down on the coconut!

The beautiful Robin
House Sparrows

Collared Dove
With a Dunnock
Blue Tit


  1. I'm still having intermittent problems with getting onto and commenting on blogs, Pam. So apologies for not commenting on your previous post which I thoroughly enjoyed! Your park really does have an abundance of wildlife and you took some beautiful photos. I loved seeing the Mistle Thrushes and the Blue Tit looked so pretty with the blossom, it posed beautifully for you on the branch.

    Great to see all the activity in your garden too! I hardly ever see a Dunnock on my bird table or feeders (they usually skulk around on the ground) so that was nice to see. I particularly liked the first photo of the Sparrow on the fence and it is always lovely to see a Robin :)

  2. Thank you for your comments now you've got on, really hope it resolves itself soon! The park is really nice, it's surrounded by houses so it's quite a little oasis. The Dunnocks regularly feed off the tray and the hanging feeders too, I was surprised when they first started to do it last year!

  3. A decent selection of garden birds Pam, is that last shot a juvenile Blackbird? Its a lovely profile pic, Linda

  4. It is Linda, it's my favourite one, it's such beautiful colouring. I haven't seen any of the juveniles in the past couple of days though.