Thursday, 20 May 2010

Two to go!

Took a trip around the dam last Saturday picking up my first new bird of the weekend though I didn't know at the time! I spotted a small bird singing across a muddy area on the park and as I didn't have the binoculars I zoomed the camera in as far as possible and hoped for the best.

Not great photos but enough for the experts over at Bird Forum to confirm my first Sedge Warbler, listening to the song on the RSPB site helped out too, Warbler's are something that are lacking on my list having only confirmed a Chiffchaff before now.

There was plenty of activity on and off the water with Swifts and House Martins over our heads and Mallards, Canada and Greylag Geese, Coots and Moorhens on the water with plenty of youngsters about too.

With the Warbler here and the Dipper at Bolton Abbey i'm up to 98 on the list and it's looking good for making 100 before the end of the year!


  1. Good going Pam, if you're after the big 100 then Rodley has plenty of Common Whitethroats at the mo, or Blacktoft has Avocets and Marsh Harriers. You know I think we saw a Sedge Warbler singing fron the bushes when we had a whistle stop walk around the Tarn a month or so ago. Linda

  2. Another apology I'm afraid Pam, the intermittent computer probs are ongoing :( I have just caught up with your last post and what a post it was with lovely photos recording a great day out. Congratulations on the Dipper, we don't get them at all in this area and I would so like to see one. I have only ever managed one Nuthatch photo and it was awful, yours was lovely! As for Kingfishers, I keep hunting but haven't seen one for years :(

    Lovely photos here too, so nice to see the youngsters and many congratulations on the Sedge Warbler!

  3. Well done with the Sedge Warbler!

  4. Thank you all! I saw you post on Rodley Linda, we are going across to Rodley in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed. I was surprised to see so many Dippers, I thought they would be difficult to spot and the Kingfishers are few and far between for me! I was pleased with the Sedge Warbler id as I really didn't think the photos would be good enough!