Monday, 3 August 2015

Bolton Abbey

Easter saw us at Bolton Abbey, fairly early as usual to try and avoid the crowds. It was dull and a little chilly but we don't let that stop us!

Best part of the day watching a couple of Goldcrests flit around the branches in the woods near Barden Bridge. Of course they still managed to hide for the most part but I managed a few shots.

This little hut overlooking the river is perfect for a break and is fantastic to sit and watch the birds, which are all quite used to people being around.

We saw Dippers, Mandarins, Grey and Pied Wagtails, Mallards and Goosander on the river.

The sheep were noisy and there were a few lambs about

A few other shots from the day


  1. It's such a lovely place to visit, the Goldcrests photos are stunning it's bright yellow crest really shows up...
    Amanda xx

    1. It is, I don't go often enough though. Thank you, they really brought a bit of gorgeous colour to a dull day and they're usually so flighty to get a good picture of! x