Sunday, 22 May 2016

In the Garden

I had my first young bird in the garden this afternoon - a Starling, it didn't hang about too long but it's good to see.

My Laburnum is in full flower and always looks quite stunning and it's doing well despite being split in half by gale force winds a few years back.

It's a favourite perch for the many Goldfinch that are flying around the gardens chirping non stop at the moment.

Despite the many birds flying over the garden - Blackbirds, Sparrows, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Magpies, very few are actually landing in the garden, in fact today has been the quietest i've seen it in a while.

Of course the consolation is that the Swifts are also flying above the house and I can watch those pretty much from dawn to dusk, which is just perfect!


  1. I'm still surprised how quick things are moving on, we've had plenty of young starlings in, perhaps it's the second batch I'm used to seeing later on in the summer. Had young Goldfinch too.
    This morning up for work at 5.30, a squirrel was noted on the shed roof, a rare visitor as we live in the middle of an estate!

    Going to spend the day at Fairbur as well as look at the binoculars on the 4th June, so thanks for finding that out for me.
    Amanda xx

    1. There have been plenty of nests about and lots of noise from the Starlings but they have just been a little garden shy! Oh lovely, we get the odd squirrel from the park behind us but not very often.

      It's no problem :) I hope it's a good day for you and good luck with the binoculars! xx