Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A New Garden Tick

There has been a successful Red Kite programme based at Harewood House for some years now. It's fantastic to see these birds as you drive around various areas around Leeds. My parents live in Guiseley and it's always been lovely to sit in their garden and watch the Kites fly overhead.

A couple of years ago I finally saw one a little further south in Leeds, in Churwell not too far from Elland Rd football ground. It turns out the bird had been seen a few times in the area but I didn't see it there again till late last year. I'd heard reports of it being seen in Morley itself and finally on Sunday I was able to sit and watch it fly high above the garden right from the patio. Just marvelous to see and a change from the usual Sparrowhawk! 

Granted it wasn't exactly in the garden but a flyover counts on my list! The photo isn't great (to say the least) but you can see the shape.

I hope that's not the last i'll see of it!


  1. It's a good fly over tick :) we do get to see them quite regular here, Yeadon so not far from your mum and dad. Think we've had a pair nesting up on Yeadon banks some were over the past few years. I could sit all day and watch them.
    Amanda xx

    1. They are quite something to see aren't they! Very pleased to catch sight of it :) x