Monday, 22 May 2017

Fairburn Ings

Fairburn was the first of three reserves we visited over the weekend arriving about 9 o clock on Saturday morning. It was warm and sunny and just about perfect weather to walk around in.

From the pickup hide we watched Herons squabbling, Cormorants and Egrets fly over and a Common Tern was fishing. I noticed there were no Sand Martins at the bank, I guess they haven't taken up residence there this year?

A Blackcap was singing in the trees and we heard Chiffchaff, a Robin and Chaffinch too. On the dipping pond a Coot family came over, soon losing interest when they realised we had nothing for them.

I was hoping for a Cuckoo today and we headed up to the Coal Tips. Before we even got there we could hear one, it was just in the trees off to the left as the riverbank trail starts. I couldn't get a clear enough view for a decent photo as it was perched high on a tree behind several others!

It was the only one we heard all morning.

On to the tops and it was a little breezy but still nice. We saw quite a few Reed Buntings, Tufted Ducks, Coots, Crows and Jackdaws. A Weasel ran across the path in front of us a one point and I almost stepped on a toad too, my daughter just stopping me in time!

Down towards the river a couple of Red Legged Partridges were wondering about. We started to notice a lot of Swifts at this point and for the rest of the walk around we had some very close encounters with them buzzing around our heads.

I could hear Sedge Warblers in the reeds as we walked around, I didn't manage to spot any though. Down towards the moat we could see lots of Cormorants, Geese and Herons. A Willow Warbler sat singing on the top of a tree on the embankment. A little further along and a Skylark was up in the air.

We spotted a lot of Cardinal Beetles and Ladybirds. I saw my first Brimstone (which didn't stop for a photo!) and Orange-tip butterflies of the year.

I loved these vines

A quick stop for lunch and we were on to St Aidan's...............


  1. It looks like a worthwhile trip, a nice variety of species :)

  2. I do like to see your trips to Fairburn, last time I was there we could hear the Cuckoo , sadly never saw it. Looks like you had a lovely morning with plenty of wild life. I have a bad foot so can't walk very far, missing the wildlife :(
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda, we've been lucky with the Cuckoo's there so far! Sorry to hear about your foot :( you'll have to let me know when you're up to walking again and we can arrange that visit to Golden Acre :) x

  3. What a superb reserve and wonderful sightings. Love your photo of the toad!! I didn't notice any Sand Martins round the bank when we were at Brandon Marsh recently.

    1. It's really lovely. Thanks, it was so close to being an ex toad :o It's odd isn't it, maybe something put them off?