Tuesday, 14 April 2009

First Post

Well, have decided to take the plunge with a blog after enjoying so many others. Not sure yet quite what i'll be blogging about though I think it will be in the direction of the birding, which is becoming so much more a part of my life than ever before.

I've been interested in birding since I was a kid, my parents took us out on long walks in the local countryside and always tried to teach us about what we were seeing. I spotted a Redwing in a neighbours garden when I was around 10 and became hooked. I've always paid attention to whats around me but life took over and I didn't persue it as much as i'd like. I did always take my bird guide on long journeys and when i've been abroad i've always bought a local bird guide but didn't actively go looking. Now it's become, amongst my many other interests, quite absorbing!

So maybe that's what i'll blog about. Short of time for now but I think I will post about our trip to Bempton Cliffs.

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