Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Typical Day

My husband gets up around 5am and the birds are singing loudly even at this time. By the time I get up they are flitting around the gardens and on our feeders. My daughter and I spend our breakfast time watching them through the patio doors. At 3 yrs old she already recognises most of the birds we see.

This morning we saw several noisy Starlings, they love the suet pellets and fat balls. A Robin flew in and hopped on and off the seed tray a few times before having a look to see what had fallen to the floor. A male Blackbird was already sat at the bottom of the feeders eating anything that he could! There were 3 or 4 House Sparrows flying back and forth from the bushes onto our neighbours seed feeders, they clean them out daily! Last of all I spotted a Dunnock on the bird table, these are beautiful little birds, ours usually turn up in a pair at the moment. A fairly quiet morning today.

On the way out to work a bit further down our street there was a lone Pied Wagtail sat preening on top of an office building. The crows nesting in the trees just passed here were in full loud voice this morning. You can't miss them! That's all for now, will post when I get home and see what other birds we have visiting.

It turned out to be a quiet evening, the birds must have turned in early! A Blue Tit flew in a couple of times for some peanuts. There were a couple of Goldfinch in the trees but they didn't make it on to the feeder. The Robin hung around nearly all evening, it has a white spot near it's tail so easy to recognise. Two Collared Doves were doing what nature intends in the tree at the top of the garden! A Woodpigeon managed to balance on the seed tray on the feeder pole, they love the suet pellets and nuts too, he is huge and causes a tidal wave in the water dish when he takes off. 3 male Blackbirds and 1 female showed up too, the female found a worm an devoured that in a flash. Still nice to watch the goings on, the neighbours cat showed up then and no more birds.

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