Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We headed out on Easter Monday to Bempton Cliffs, gorgeous weather as we left Leeds but as we got closer to Bempton the fog rolled in and stayed the whole day! Luckily the cliffs weren't completely covered but we couldn't see the sea at the bottom!

The reserve staff were all friendly and helpful and told us where to look for Puffins. So off we went, it wasn't cold just dull. We managed to spot Gannets and Guillemots. I checked with a volunteer on some of the ID's and discovered that we were also looking at Kittiwake and Fulmars. I couldn't tell which were Razorbills till I checked the photos later and spotted two amongst the Guillemots. We saw a few Puffin including two just underneath one of the viewpoints, which are just the oddest but amazing birds!

I had been hearing birdsong all the while we had been walking but the birds were a blur in the fog. Finally got a good look at them and discovered they were Meadow Pipits, another first for me. We were there about three hours including a break for lunch (we took a picnic). We had my little one, she's 3 and my 2 stepsons, 13 & 14 and everybody enjoyed the day despite the fog. I'm slowly turning hubby into a birder too, he can't wait to go back on a clear day either!

There's not many places you can go and get 7 lifers in one go, it was a very cool day. Really looking forward to going back and seeing it all without the fog.

The two top birds are Razorbills and the bottom ones are Guillemots. (My camera is just a point and click, trying to save for a better one but it's not in the near future)

You can just about see the Gannets at the bottom through the fog, the others are Kittiwakes.

Spotted a few of these caterpillars but not sure what they will turn into! Any suggestions?



  1. wow Pam, those cliffs are spectacular, and the mists just shrouds them in mystery and intrigue.
    guillemots, razorbills and puffins all in one day. not sure my little heart could take all that excitement!

    Happy birding


  2. It was a great day Dale! Can't wait to see the cliffs without the fog!