Sunday, 26 April 2009

Steady few days

This is the best shot I could get of the Greenfinch that visited the feeders last week. It's not too bad I guess! Unfortunately haven't seen the Greenfinch since, of course I don't watch the feeders the whole day so it could have been around.

The Goldfinch are here every day still, 3 or 4 at a time still squabbling over the food even though there is plenty. The little Robin practically lives in the garden at the moment, along with two Starlings that I think are nesting somewhere in the eaves of our house. One has something wrong with its foot and has trouble hanging on to the seed tray, which produces some interesting acrobatics, he does manage in the end though.

The pair of Mistle Thrush have been back again a few times, a Starling chased one out of the tree earlier and it sat on the washing line - i'm just hoping that it hasn't pooped on hubbys dressing gown! There have also been a pair of Blue Tits coming in for a few peanuts too. We have been able to have the patio doors open with the gorgeous weather and have had a great view of the birds. I can even manage to get my little one to sit quietly with me in the door way to watch the birds for a while too.
Our Woodpigeon is getting used to us and gets quite close to the house and sits on the patio table. He sometimes has a mate too. The Collared Doves are back to being a pair again and keep chasing off a third one that trys to come in for food. One of the Doves has a bit of a running battle with a Magpie too, which usually ends up with feathers flying as they chase each other about. As i've been typing there has been a pair of Dunnocks hopping round the garden too.

We headed out to visit friends this afternoon and the weather stayed nice despite the rain forecast. I did spot a Lapwing on the way along with the
usual Crow's, Jackdaws and Rooks. I saw a few Swallows, a Chaffinch and a duck that was too far away to ID but no doubt a Mallard. We went searching for the The Heronry and Waterton Countryside Discovery Centre on the way home and found it and had a quick look to see what it was like, we didn't have time to walk anywhere today. As long as the weather is good we shall be back next weekend to explore with a visit to Rodley Nature Reserve too. Fingers crossed for the weather!


  1. I love the last image with the blue sky and fence. Simpson sky, we would call it.

    doves and pigeons are rather scarce here, even in summer and a woodpigeon is something to look out for. funny that, this is the first place I have lived where they are not all over the place.


  2. Thanks, it was good weather here over the weekend. There are Woodpigeons everywhere you look at the moment!

  3. Hi Pam, Welcome to blog land, I've just discovered your site and thought I would introduce myself as one relatively new blogger to another. I was amused to see you described yourself as 'taking the plunge' on your first post, that was exactly how it felt for me when I posted my first one, indeed I think that was the title. It really does feel like taking the plunge doesn't it?

    I envy your Mistle Thrushes I haven't seen one for years. I had a beautiful Song Thrush for some weeks in the garden, but very much fear it has been taken by a cat, which saddens me immensely.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi thanks for the message. I found your blog yesterday following links through other peoples :-) I'm not the best of writers that's why I've put off doing a blog for so long!

    The Thrush pair have been coming every day recently, lovely to watch!

  5. Hi again Pam, I had to come back on that. I visited and enjoyed other people's blogs for about eighteen months before I had the confidence to even comment on anything ( note the shy in my user name!) but I've found fellow bloggers to be so warm and welcoming so please don't feel intimidated we're all in it together and it's great fun! I'm surprised how readily I've taken to it and I'm sure you will be the same.

  6. Thanks for that, its always a bit scary putting yourself out there!