Sunday, 19 April 2009

Our Weekend

We have some new flowers blooming in the garden now, they are a glorious red and I have no idea what they are called! The Grape Hyacinth are just starting to die off a little but colour is still vibrant. There have been a lot of bees about especially on our Clematis and the neighbours tree which has lots of pink flowers and overhangs into our garden.

Up until today I have only seen one butterfly this year - a peacock about three weeks ago. Today i've seen 3 Small White's, a Peacock and a small blue butterfly, which may be a Common Blue but further research is needed on that, there is a place that I see them often in the summer so i'll try and figure out if that's what they are. Not that many butterflies but it's early still.

It's been quiet in my garden over this weekend, though I have been out and about a fair bit so haven't had chance to watch the feeders that much. The Robin was sat on a chair right outside the patio doors this morning, it's getting braver by the day! The Woodpigeon has been stuffing himself on suet pellets, i'm sure if he eats much more he will explode. Two Goldfinch have been on the nyger seed feeder frequently, a Blue Tit flies in for a peanut or two and the Starlings have been dodging next doors cat to dive in for food! Whilst out in a local park we saw 3 Song Thrush, who must be quite used to people as we got fairly close and got a good looked at their markings.

So not the most exciting of wildlife weekends but they can't all be as exciting as Bempton in the fog :-)

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