Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Garden Watching

Had an unexpected day off yesterday due to illness. It made for a nice day watching the feeders in the garden. First up were 5 Goldfinch taking turns on the nyjer seed. A Robin on the seed tray and a Woodpigeon eating what was being dropped at the bottom, just lovely to watch.

It turned out to be a busy day for the birds. The Woodpigeon got quite brave and came and sat on the patio table for a while, which gave me a great view of it's gorgeous colours, certainly not 'just' a pigeon as i've had a few people say, the pink on it's chest it's just the prettiest of colours if you have the time to check it out.

During the day I watched several species fly in and out - Blue Tit, several Starlings, Collared Doves (the one has become two again), Dunnock (another gorgeously feathered bird often missed), Magpie - squabbling with the Dove again, 2 Blackbirds, the Goldfinch and Robin came back to the feeders regularly. By the end of the day the Woodpigeon appeared to have a friend too.

My favourite of the day was the Mistle Thrush that visited for a good ten minutes and hopped all over the grass eating dropped seed. There has been a Mistle Thrush that has visited less than half a dozen times this year so certainly not a regular but it's the longest its stayed yet.

So despite feeling ill it was a good day for the birds!

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