Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Little Garden

Just thought i'd share a few pics of our little garden. The poor shed needs a bit of work, a lick of paint and the windows need the cobwebs cleaning off them we are waiting for some nicer weather, well that's what we keep saying! Everything is so green and full of life today after all the rain we have had.

The gate at the top of the garden is what I loved when we looked at this house, the plants were tidier then and it was like something out of The Secret Garden, the Robin often perches in the fancywork near the top of the gate, it's like the perfect Christmas Card! My picture doesn't do it justice (and I had to crop the bins out!).

The neighbours garden is a little wild and the birds love it, I love the view as I look out the window, everything quite unkempt instead of neat borders and flowerbeds. I'm trying to figure out where I can plant a couple of
Buddleia bushes to help attract the butterflies, which at the moment just fly right over. There is room in the garden at the front and I am thinking of half way down the flower bed to the right of the back garden. There is space in there somewhere!

We used to get an amazing amount of butterflies on them at our previous house, something i'd like to recreate.

These are some from 2006, the Buddleia at it's best!

There have been two Great Tits in the garden for the past couple of days, we haven't had any around for a few weeks, so I was very pleased to see them back again. I've given the feeders a good clean out this evening. A couple of Starling's and of course our little Robin have visited but I think I must have scared the rest off!


  1. What a lovely post, I do love looking at other people's gardens! Your shed is a king compared to mine, in fact mine is more of a shack! Luckily it's hidden behind a bush but desperately needs replacing, let's just say the padlock on the door is a joke as you can reach into the side to get the tools out and there is ivy growing in there!!!

    The butterfly photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

  2. I like to look at gardens too, i'm not the greatest gardener though! Hopefully i'll be able to get some more recent butterfly photos this year, fingers crossed!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say that I think your garden is beautiful, looks peaceful from what I can see. Your shed gives it a distressed appearance, very nice. I love the naturally wild look too. My garage needs work as well though... one of our windows fell out & broke last week & we have a board there until the hubby can fix it, or should I say WILL fix it. ;)

  4. The outside buildings tend to get left till last don't they! :-)Thank you for your comments, I do like nice neat gardens - to go look at - but love to have the wilder look much better.