Friday, 17 June 2016

30 Days Wild Part 3

Only a short update this one, life and the weather got in the way a lot this week!

13th June

Mostly today was about dodging downpours, I suppose that is a little wild?! I managed a little blogging about yesterdays trip to Adel Dam. There just isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes.

14th June

More downpours today but leaving work it had eased off briefly. A Goldfinch chased a Mistle Thrush off it’s perch on a nearby chimney. There were Blackbirds, Collared Doves and Blue Tits by the road.

No sign of any Swifts anywhere since Sunday morning.

15th June

A juvenile Robin was hanging around the garden early doors today, lovely little thing and making the most of the feeder. My daughter spotted a squirrel on our fence but by the time I got to a window it was in the trees, it’s the first one we’ve seen in the garden in a while. In the past we used to have one that visited regularly and it destroyed one of the feeders, which was actually quite something to watch!

All I saw around work today was Blackbirds and Collared Doves. There were more downpours and in the garden in the evening where a pair of Robins, one looked absolutely sodden and rather straggly.

16th June

I saw the Swifts above the garden when I got up this morning, first time in a few days.

The rain eased off again today and the road to work was full of Collared Doves and Woodpigeons.

Coming out of work there were two Mistle Thrush shouting at each other across from the chimney tops. The Horse Chestnut and Sycamore were full of singing Goldfinch and Blackbirds.

The floor by the bus stop was covered in ants, they were taking great interest in an unfortunate bee.

At home a Woodpigeon hung around the garden all evening and I noticed a slug/snail had been climbing over the bug house.

17th June

Another quiet day on the wild side of things

The Swifts were flying quite low over the garden early this morning, can’t get tired of watching those!

It was nice to watch 3 Woodpigeons strutting around the garden in the evening.

Making plans for a trip to Bempton & to Old Moor this weekend though so if that doesn’t get us doing something wild I don’t know what will!


  1. Well you still managed to take note of the nature around you despite work and rain, with the weather there has been no evening walks this week. That's why I had to do mine all in one day.
    Hope you manage to go to Brampton, I have the last of my 'learning' about flowers today on Baildon moor so hope it stays fine for us both.
    Amanda xx

    1. It's not been the best of weather has it! I think it stayed fine on Saturday so I hope the flower workshop went well :) xx

  2. I love visiting Bempton, there's always plenty to see there. The RSPB boat cruises around the cliffs are amazing - we've been on several and are going again next month!

    I've not found 30 Days Wild easy either over the past week but the smallest of things count, luckily!

    1. It is lovely there. I've never done a boat trip, something to go on the to do list!

      It's good that they do isn't it! :)