Saturday, 25 June 2016

30 Days Wild Part 3

Yet another quiet week for me.

Monday 20th June

This evening was spent sorting through photos from the weekend and typing up a couple of posts. I noticed how long the grass is getting in the garden, I like how it looks but must confess I like when it's freshly mowed too though at the moment that won't be happening just yet.

Tuesday 21st June

Outside work a pair of Greenfinch were on the chimneytops and I saw my first Speckled Wood in some time. I've seen very few butterflies recently. We're about to put up a new fence in the garden and have decided to dig out a new flower bed when we do so. I've been looking up some good flowers for the bugs, bees and butterflies, not sure we'll get much flowering in it this year but i'm hoping my brown thumbs give me a break and it works out!

Wednesday 22nd June

It's a joy to be able to have all the doors open in our little box of an office right now, I can hear the birds from my desk - Blackbird, Great Tits, Robin and Collared Dove today.

When I left work I unintentionally disturbed Blackbirds, Collared Doves, a Woodpigeon and a Goldfinch along the road. There were Greenfinch on the rooftops again and I could hear a Mistle Thrush too.

An evening to myself meant I could watch National Geographic Wild, which was accompanied by the sound of Swifts screaming around the house.

We decided we're going to look into maybe putting up bat and Swift boxes on the house, a bit of further research is required first.

Unfortunately Thursday and Friday escaped me, mostly down to incredibly busy days at work & basically crashing the minute I got home. All I noted was the Swifts flying pretty low down the street when I left for work one morning.

So an aborted entry for this week. Fingers crossed the last few 30 days wild bring better things!


  1. Well done for keeping it up! You've had some great wild moments spotting the birds and making plans for a wilder garden :)

  2. Thanks Louise, I was a little lax this week but yes I still had some good moment :)

  3. Lovely to see the daisies and buttercups in your lawn and hearing about your future plans :) I've struggled to keep up since getting back from holiday - all I seem to do is wash and iron so most of my 30 Days Wild activities have been garden based!

    1. They do make the lawn look good! Oh that's the worst bit of a holiday isn't it!