Monday, 13 June 2016

Adel Dam

We managed to squeeze in a couple of hours at Adel Dam on Sunday morning. We were a bit pushed for time so couldn't linger as much as normal but as always it proved to be a good morning.

In the Marsh Hide, a nice chap pointed out the young GS Woodpecker being fed by the adult, very nice. The Mandarins had several young, which kept appearing out on the pond. Round and about were Great Tits, Blue Tits, Moorhen, Chaffinch, Stock Doves, Squirrels and a pair of Jays.

A walk through the woods brought a pair of young Robins flying about and the constant sound of Chiffchaffs

From the lake hide there were more Manderins and Moorhens, along with Tufted Ducks, BH Gulls and Mallards.

Of the to the side a Jay and several young Great Tits were in the trees. I got a brief sighting of a Chiffchaff, which nicely waited till I went outside the hide and sang in the tree for me!

The rest of the walk in the woods brought plenty of bird song but of course now the trees are full of greenery it's not as easy to see anything apart from the squirrels!

Lower down the plants were full of snails

Walking back through Golden Acre back to the car we stopped to admire the flowers and walked up to the area set up for the wildlife, though we hadn't brought any seed this time. The area was full of squirrels, Tits and a Jay. Until a dog charged through and disturbed the lot. No more photos or lovely moments for us.

We discovered said dogs owner actively encouraging him to go chase the squirrels here, which apparently is ok because 'he never catches any'. My husband ended up voicing his disapproval. I know dogs chase things, it's their nature, but to stand there and see the guy actually winding his dog up and sending up into this area on purpose, just not on at all.

Despite that not so happy ending it was good morning.

A few photos from Golden Acre.


  1. Some lovely sightings and photos - well worth a visit.

  2. A very productive visit Pam. It is interesting to see how more obvious the Jays become at this time .. looking to predate young nestlings to feed their own young.

    Another example of an uneducated dog owner who I'm guessing just ignored your hubby's disapproval.

    1. Yes apparently the Jays have been after the Mandarin chicks recently but so far without success and the chicks are probably too big for them now too.

      I think they were a little shocked he said anything!

  3. Some wonderful observations and photos Pam, it looks like it was a good visit for the most part. However shame it was ruined latterly by the irresponsible dog owner :-(

    1. Thanks David, it was a good visit despite the dog owner, maybe they'll think twice about encouraging their dog in future.......but maybe not!

  4. Its such a lovely place, wish I had more time to visit, never disappointed with the wildlife here, nice to know the Manderin chicks are ok so far.
    I have been very cross with some dog owners here, some have no regards to the wildlife at all.
    Amanda xx

    1. It is isn't it, there's always something to see!

      They really don't i've seen people let their dogs into the water chasing the birds too but I must admit this is the first time i've seen anyone encourage it xx