Monday, 5 June 2017

30 Days Wild, 3, 4 & 5

The weekend was a bit of a blur, I spent some of it in Manchester and had mainly caught a little wild from the hotel window in the form of Herring Gulls and Crows. Of course the motorway there and back brought Buzzards, Kestrels and a Red Kite. I even spotted a Deer munching happily on an embankment seemingly oblivious to the masses of traffic going past. 

It was the Garden BioBlitz too at the weekend but I just didn't have the time to do a full on blitz though it's something I'd really like to do. The garden has been taken over in a few spots by self seeded plants and is full of bugs. 

It also has regular visits from Hedgehogs, usually one comes in an hoovers up the food under the bird feeder but last Thursday we had two. They've made use of the water dish we put out for them too.

After watching Autumnwatch (I think) and seeing Chris Packham talking about how even putting a pond the size of a washing up bowl would work in a garden, we decided to give it a go. I say we, me and my daughter, my husband is skeptical (though he did the digging for it)l! I went a little bigger than a washing up bowl but not much as there isn't really a lot of space for one. It still needs some work around the edges.

This is what it looked like three weeks ago, Sunday I discovered the first signs of life in it. I had to check what they were - Mosquito Larvae - mostly they look like swimming cloves from a distance and they weren't quite what I was hoping for but it's good food for other creatures right?!

This Hoverfly spent a lot of time hanging around the pond.

It's just about dark now and i've realised I haven't taken a proper photo of the pond since we put it in so that'll be my plan for tomorrow.

Monday was a little wet to say the least. Still I walked through the park to work (then jumped on the bus for the rest of the journey). A family of Blackbirds were splashing in a puddle, I think there were 3 young ones. So Monday was a bit of a wash out all round. More effort is needed tomorrow.


  1. Pleased you had a good time in Manchester and arrived home safely.
    I did the bioblitz but struggled to be enthusiastic. Recorded a few new things so will show them.
    I made a pond few years back out of a plastic tub, have had frogs in and the Hedgehog likes to drink there. You need to get some air in as it can go off in hot weather. Hold watering can high and let the water drop into pond, save rain water if you can as tap water has to much chlorine in.

    1. Thank you, Manchester was fantastic :) Well if we arrange to do one a little later in the summer it will be a bit better for us both!
      Thank you for that I didn't know, I have a watering can full of rain water so i'll hold onto it for the pond xx

  2. You are right...other critters will eat those mosquito larvae, including tadpoles, like you I made one from a square planter, and it is now in the second yr and doing great. I saved old jelly jars and put some soil in the bottom jars add my plants then fill the rest of the jar with pebbles so it will stay anchored.

    1. Here's hoping the larvae draws them in. That's a good idea, I bet yours looks great after having so long to settle in.

  3. Your little pond looks great! I'd love to have hedgehogs in the garden. We've never had one here (but we do get foxes and badgers). I'm really looking forward to creating my own garden pond one day in the not too distant future! I know I have a pond at the moment but I'm actually living with my parents who have a large garden and a nice pond. I've just bought my own house at last with a small garden and, at the moment, no pond! I'm going to dig one over the winter!

    1. Thanks, i'm pleased it seems to be doing so well already. The Hedgehogs seem to appear in fits and starts, we don't see any sign in ages then two come along! I have never seen a live Badger, having them in the garden would be fantastic. How lovely having your own house, (congratulations!) it'll be great to get the garden set up with a pond :)