Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Amanda from The Quiet Walker contacted me about doing a scavenger hunt she'd found on pinterest - great idea and i'm quite happy to take part. Ragged Robin is also taking part and her post can be found here. Amanda's post is here.

So here goes -

Something Fuzzy - this fern in the local park

Two kinds of seed - Dandelion and Sycamore

Two pieces of man-made litter, in the local park

Something straight - the cut through this tree that was damaged in the winds

Something round - one of many daisies in my lawn

Something smooth - if you look past the edge of the Holly leaves

Something rough 

Two different types of leaves - Oak & Sycamore

Something that makes a noise - the constant stream of juvenile Starlings in my garden!

A chewed leaf - a Foxglove in the garden

A beautiful rock - I struggled with this one and picked this monument in the park dedicated to animals that lost their lives serving in wars

Something you think is beautiful

A pinecone

Something green - so much to chose from

A stick - there are lots around the park after the recent winds

Something you think is a treasure - the urban woodlands in Churwell


  1. Lovely set of photos Pam, glad you managed to do it, love the monument and the last photo of the woodland.
    Amanda 🐰🐰

    1. Thanks Amanda, I really enjoyed, it had me looking a little harder at things whilst I was out and about! x

  2. Lovely photos Pam and a great interpretation of the phrases :) Such a fun thing to do. Thanks so much for the mention.

    1. Thank you :) It was, i'm glad I got involved!

  3. Great idea! Lovely photos to go with the list!

    1. Thanks, you should give it a go if you have time! :)

  4. How fun. I really like the monument...all shots great representations of the list.